How to Become a YIMA Mentor

YIAA Objectives:

At the completion of the program, participants will:

1. Have received hands-on experience in operating an aircraft.

2. Have developed a meaningful, positive growth relationship with two or more adult mentors, emphasizing study, setting goals, adult-youth constructive sharing, time management, inter-dependence and affirmation for positive inclusion.

3. Have demonstrated individual and team leadership behaviors in planning, coordinating and decision-making.

4. Receive an official First Flight Certificate.

5. Receive an official FAA Ground School Completion Certificate and log of accrued flight hour time.

6. Receive a Youth Initiative Mentoring Academy (YIMA) Certificate.

And . . . 7. Have had a good time!

Mentors Complete the Following Forms

Mentors follow the same track as student participants and develop along with their younger counterparts.

Honorary Mentor

Fannie Mae Webb