How Does the YIAA Work?

Mamie Landford Singleton
Executive Director

YIMA Flight Video

About Us

The YIAA is a rigorous program consisting of:
  • Aviation Ground School Training conducted by FAA Certified Instructors.
  • A Discovery Flight plus one hour of beginning, hands-on flight training.
  • Leadership training and experiences through presentations of selected career options in aviation and at least one other career area represented by the adult mentors.
  • Youth mentoring and role modeling from adult enrollees assigned to “partner” with one to two youth as a mentor in the program.
Who are YIAA Participants?

YIAA enrolls 20 youth, ages 8 to 19 for 13 weeks (two evenings and one Saturday morning per week).  The program has a special focus on aviation.  YIAA also enrolls 5-8 adult mentors who participate alongside the in the same class and share the related activities.

YIMA represents the implementation of the vision of its founder and Executive

Director Mamie Lanford Singleton, who developed the program as a model for

the prevention of youth deviancy (crime, drop-outs, etc.) and related problems of the

 type, which she has encountered in her work with youth as a uniformed law

 enforcement officer and community activist.